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I can tell you what I do but I think it's even better to hear from those who have actually worked with me. See if you can  relate to where they were, hear where they ended up, what surprised them along the way, and their words of encouragement for you.

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1-on-1 Clients

Season 1.
     Ep. 10 with Trey
Season 2,
     Ep. 2 with Whitney
     Ep. 3 with Denise
Season 4.
     Ep. 2 with Brianna
     Ep. 4 with Jamel
Season 5.
     Ep. 6 with Aleksandra
     Ep. 6 with Kristi
Season 6.
     Ep. 1 with Monya
     Ep. 3 with Anastasia

Group Clients

Season 3.
     Ep. 2 with Ebrenyka
     Ep. 7 with Lindsay
Season 4.
     Ep. 3 with Marlene
Season 5
     Ep. 3 with Aleksandra
     Ep. 11 with Sara
Season 6.
     Ep. 2 with Monya
     Ep. 6 with Arabia
     Ep. 9 with Courtney

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