Dating, Married, or It's Complicated

I highlight the Attachment patterns happening in your relationship and how to redirect yourselves and each other to more peaceful and more meaningful interactions. We correct misunderstandings, projections, and negative trigger responses.

This is for all genders and all sexual orientations.

4 Sessions 

You will better understand yourself and how to communicate your needs to the other.

You will be able to lower defenses in yourself so you can hear your person clearly, and so will they. Now, finally we can understand each other.

You both will be able to clarify what you want and need to feel secure in the relationship and you will learn how to have these conversations in honest and non-triggering ways.

I love when both people get what they want! I guide you to a Win-Win outcome, where both people in the relationship feel and are respected and heard.

$840 in one payment or $940 split in two payments ($470 x 2)
2 hour intro video call, 75 minute sessions following

Consultations are via phone (no video)

Couple Waitlist

One Session, No Commitment, No Wait

A la carte style. Book me with this link without buying a package.

All Couple sessions are via Zoom. It is suggested that both people to use the same device/screen, but it is not required.

The Zoom link is in your appointment confirmation.

75 Minutes
THRESH Coaching
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